Aquarium Test Strips with Thermometer, 6 in 1 Fish Tank Test Strips Freshwater Saltwater Pond 100 Strips 2 Bottles Test kit for Testing Cl2 pH NO2 NO3 GH KH,Temperature Professional Fast Testing

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Test Range: Total Hardness: 0~300mg/L(Ideal range:25~150) Nitrate: 0~250mg/L(Ideal range:0~25) Nitrite: 0~10mg/L(Ideal range:0) Cl2: 0~3.0mg/L(Ideal range:0) Carbonate: 0~300mg/L(Ideal range:40~120) pH: 6.4~8.4(Ideal range:6.8~7.6) HOW TO RUN A TEST 1.Dip a strips into water for 2 seconds and remove immediately 2.Hold strips horizontally 30 seconds 3. Compare against the colour chart and read results within 15 seconds for accurate HOW OFTEN TO TEST YOUR AQUARIUM A newly set-up aquarium or experiencing water quality problem should be tested at least one time each week. An established aquarium,should be tested at least 2 times a month to make sure all parameters at a safe level.
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