Automatic Touchless Foam Hand Sanitizer/Foam Soap Dispenser Touch Free Simple Human/Commercial Soap Dispenser Automatic Infrared Sensor Stand/Wall Mount Kitchen Soap Dispenser for Home Office, 500ml

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Automatic Soap Dispenser: Intelligent soap dispenser,equipped with smart sensor, fully automatic foaming and moderate foam conveying, practical and durable. Specifications: Material: Made of good ABS plastic material, more durable. Color: silver Size: 4.8*3.8*7.7 inch Power by: 4 x AA batteries(not included) Operation method:Please read the Manual Instruction NOTE: 1.Do not place upside down if the bottle fill in soap. 2.Do not soak the machine in water complete. 3.Repalce the battery when the LED display power off. 4.Nn-foaming soap such as liquid soap need to be diluted 1: 3 with pure water before use. Not suitable for Gel & Non-foaming hand sanitizer. Reduce the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel to protect skin health. 5.The battery cover may be tight, you can try to push the hole up. FAQ: Q: How to choose right foaming hand soap? A: Please choose foaming hand sanitizer and foam soap best. Q: The soap dispenser can’t foam, how to do? A: 1. Please check whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed. 2. Please check your liquid whether it supports foaming. Product Advantages: - The automatic soap dispenser is touch-free operation, to avoid the second cross-infection. - The automatic soap dispenser has a large capacity of 500ML, when the container is full, it can be used for a long time. - Low power consumption and power saving, just need 4pcs new AAA batteries(not included) , can long standby. - Auto foam soap dispenser foams more completely, which can make full use of the active ingredients of the hands sanitizer and save cleaning time than auto drip dispenser. - There are the two modes foam discharge. Low foam mode sprays foaming solution, more suitable for foam hand sanitizer, high foam is suitable for daily clean.
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