NGECORS Oil Sprayer for Cooking-12 oz/350 ml Oil Spray Bottle,Oil Mister for Air Fryer,Canola Oil Spritzer, Widely used for Salad Making,Baking, Frying, BBQ

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Product Specifications. Material: PETG/PE(Nozzle) Capacity:12 OZ/350ML Size: 7.8in×4.5in×1.7in Oil volume per spray: 1/4 teaspoon oil(10 calories.) Withstand temperature: 176℉/80℃ Shelf life: 5 years Cleaning and maintenance If it is used for the first time, or if the cooking oil is too thick or contains particles and floating objects, the atomization effect is not good or even blocked, please clean it according to the following three steps: 1. Add a proper amount of neutral dishwashing agent and clear water into the bottle and put it back into the nozzle. Shake the bottle to clean it. After standing for ten minutes, press the nozzle to clean it. After that, pour out the detergent in the bottle and wash the inside and outside of the bottle and nozzle with clear water. 2. After washing the bottle, fill it with clear water or warm water, install the nozzle, and press the nozzle repeatedly to flush it. 3. The edible oil should not be added too much at a time, and it is better to use it at the same time. If it is not used for a long time after use, it is recommended to pour out the remaining edible oil and eat it as soon as possible. At the same time, clean the whole watering can with water temperature or detergent for the next use.  Precautions 1. This product is not suitable for dishwashers, please do not clean it with a steel brush. 2. Do not heat this product (such as microwave oven, oven, etc.). 3. Do not use edible oil containing floating particles, which may block the situation. 4. It is forbidden to put 100° boiled water and high temperature hot oil into the spray bottle for use, which will cause deformation and scrap. 5 When using oil bottles for grilling, do not spray it on or near open flames or open flames.
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